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Flower Essence Consultations

“If you dont thank the spirit of the plant before you take it from the Earth, it will not heal.”
Don Elijio Panti

Flower Essence Consultation Asheville

I had the incredible experience to meet Rachel Frezza, Energy Healer, Herbalist and Flower Essence Practitioner and have a flower essence consultation with her.   She has a vision for healing that emanates thru her energy healing work, a vast and intimate knowledge of the herbal plant kingdom, and a passion and innate knowledge of flower essences. My sessions with her were open, loving and compassionate. She is a talented Wise Woman, a Visionary, Humanitarian and she’s really cool.
Donna Baccarini, Folly Beach, SC


I love flower essences. They have been miraculous and transformational in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life. I feel I have been called to a path of service in holistic healing, and am honored that the plants are sharing their medicine with me. In return, I am sharing it with you. I hope you, too, will fall in love with the plants and their medicine, realizing just how amazing and beautiful the flowers really are.”

I am a certified Flower Essence Practitioner. I would love to do a flower essence consultation with you.  I studied with Daisy Marquis who is the founder of Shanti Collective in Asheville, NC. I am skilled in reading subtle energies through hearing your voice and sensing your energy fields. I receive information from your whole body/being and create a personal essence that will address your concerns.

Flower Essences are dilute vibrational extracts of flowers that are used to treat mind, body, and soul imbalances. They balance in harmonies in the energetic bodies, and bring about a gentle healing by bringing the body back into balance. They act as a catalyst to and a support of healing.

I make my own essences from the flowers available to me in this beautiful area of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or I use FES, Green Hope Farms, or my other Herbalist sister’s essences. I use mostly Apple Cider Vinegar, Red Shiso, or Vegetable Glycerin as my preservative, although some I have bought might have Brandy. If alcohol is a concern please let me know and I will work with you. I use these essences with you who desire to take greater responsibility for and to transform areas of your life that are causing you distress or concern.
A consultation (can be done via phone, email or in person) consists of discussing your concerns and what is up for you in your life that you are wanting assistance with.  Then we will create the space that allows the essences to come forward,  that will best support your process by bringing greater clarity & harmonizing the core issue. Usually two to five essences are in each dosage bottle.

I can also make topical flower essence remedies to address chronic pain, aches, and physical areas that need healing.

Flower essences will not interfere with prescription drugs, homeopathics,   or any other therapies! Safe and effective for children and animals too!


Consultation with custom blended flower essence $111 (includes shipping in US)

Just essence (you already know what you want) $33 (includes shipping in US)

Individual stock essences are available as well. $22 each

Contact me at or call me at 828-712-4723

I am also available to teach workshops or classes on a general overview or specific aspect of flower essences. Including but not limited to: making essences, uses, plant spirit medicine, plant journeying, nature walks, etc


True Healing involves treating the very base of the cause of suffering. Therefore no effort directed to the body alone can do more than superficially repair damage. Treat people for their emotional unhappiness, allow them to be happy and they will become well.” –Dr. Edward Bach

Flower Essence Consultation Asheville


You helped me so much! After our session my depression quickly vanished. I did have my energy healed! I’ve been raving about you to my friends. I love the way the flower essences reminded me about my intention to be HAPPY a bunch of times a day. I feel great thank you so much. -Jenny G