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Akashic Record Readings

Akashic Record Reading

The Akashic Records are a dimension of consciousness that contains a vibrational record of every soul and its journey. This vibrational body of consciousness exists everywhere in its entirety and is completely available at all times and in all places. As such, the Records are an experiential body of knowledge that contains everything that every soul has ever thought, said, and done over the course of its existence, as well as all its future possibilities.


An Akashic Record Reading can access the information your soul has for you.  Any questions can be asked of the Records, this information can lead to greater clarity, purpose and healing around any current issues, challenges, or questions that you may have.  Aligning with your soul’s true knowledge is such a powerful tool. I would love to assist you.  An Akashic Record Reading is a way to bring upliftment.  While in the Records, your  potential is fully perceived.  This perception is then anchored in our ordinary dimension of consciousness. Miracles can then occur! I have been a natural intuitive all my life, accessing the Akashic Records is a the perfect way to receive soul information you are yearning for.

Having an Akashic Record Reading can be extremely valuable.  The Soul’s very essence and expression, potentials, and purposes can be revealed.  Issues of one’s lifetime are brought to light from a spiritual perspective.  Both favorable and difficult patterns that are present can be identified.  Corrective measures required to establish harmony can be recognized.  An Akashic Record Reading is a way to uplift the one being read.


1 hour sessions by phone or in person $144/ 2 hour sessions $200

1 hour session with flower essence $155

Couples Akashic Record reading $177  with flower essences $188

I can also off an hour energy healing with your records open to receive more guidance in your healing session  $177 with flower essence $188

Contact me at or 828-712-4723 to schedule a session. Distance sessions can by paid by paypal. A 3% paypal service fee is added.


This was the first time I had an Akashic records reading. I had a few questions I had been contemplating for a while, about my life in general, so in that sense I was prepared. Otherwise, wasn’t sure what to expect. Rachel explained the process clearly before we began. During the reading, she was attentive to my questions, seeking clarification from me when it was due; she relayed information clearly and accurately, and checked with me to see if I understood what was being explained. She has a wonderful balance of intuition, perception and concise communication. She combined this with a considered and supportive rapport with me, and I appreciated the way the communication unfolded as I asked my questions, received answers, and further questions arose. At all times I felt in good hands, and I value very much the information she was able to convey. She carried out her role with a lovely balance of professionalism, sensitivity to the nature of the work, and personal rapport; and a sense of fun. A very gifted person, highly recommended. Jim W.


I just had an Akashic Record reading with Rachel and it was awesome! She’s the real deal. Pretty much everything she told me resonated as deep truth, and she confirmed things that I needed to have confirmation on, as well as gave me new insights and information. I had goose bumps at least half the time during the reading, which to me are ‘confirmation’ bumps. I highly recommend getting Akashic Record readings, and I highly recommend readings from Rachel as she is a very clear channel and a very sweet and kind soul. Johnathon G.