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Energy Healing Session


Rachel is the most intuitive, caring, and authentic energy healer I have ever worked with. Our Energy Healing Session was amazing.   I tend to lean more on the science side of things; there is no doubt in my mind that she has got something incredible. Rachel’s sessions are unique, combining bodywork with guided information, herbalism, flower essences and compassion. She has been educated extensively these area, as well as having had an intuitive knowledge of plant medicine from a very young age. A session with Rachel will offer opportunities for one to heal on a level that reaches to the very core of the individual. I have and will continue to refer many of my own clients to her. Anyone who experiences Rachel’s work is in for a huge leap towards their healing.

Heidi Berkovitz, BA. Ed, LMBT, Clinical Herbalist


In Person or Distance Energy Healing Session

Energy Healing or Energy Medicine  is a term used for holistic healing therapies that are focused on balancing “life force” to bring about healing and wellness. I believe all health issues: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual are interconnected. What happens on the physical level has its counterpart or its root condition on a different energetic level. Often physical issues are connected to emotional and mental imbalances. A distance or in person Energy Healing session with me will address the root cause of the pattern you are facing and offer tools and assistance for resolution, integration,  and evolution.

The modalities of healing I use do not require me to work in physical proximity to you or your energy field. The work is multidimensional and holographic in nature. It works on every level of your being. A distance healing session is conducted in exactly the same way as if you were present. I have the capacity to hold and direct high vibrational energy in multiple dimensions; as such the work is performed in accordance with your soul and destiny path for the highest expression of good for all.

A distance or in person energy  healing session can be offered to address a specific concern or I can focus on harmonizing areas of imbalance. Techniques I may employ may but are not limited to:

  • Energy Healing Sessionreiki
  • ancestral clearings
  • DNA activations
  • polarity balancing
  • energetic chelation
  • balancing layers of the fields
  • chakra balancing
  • Limbic System Clearing
  • planetary vibratory tuning forks
  • grounding
  • balancing endocrine system
  • healing past lives
  • inner child healing
  • calling in cosmic matrix energies
  • using plant spirits
  • using crystals
  • aromatherapy
  • sound healing
  • Akashic Records reading
  • energetic yoni rolphing
  • working with the 7 Rays
  • organ and organ minor balancing
  • vision clearing
  • nervous system balancing
  • relationship clearing
  • Alta and head center balancing
  • Trigeminal nerve treatment
  • chakra decompressions
  • gem and flower essences
  • alchemical spagyrics
  • heart unwinding
  • channeled information
  • Breath work
  • Elemental Release
  • Working with higher dimension frequencies
  • Solfeggio frequency tuning fork healing
  • Axiatonal Alignment Healings and Alignments
  • many more that are brought up during the treatment

These modalities are extremely beneficial on their own or as additional support for therapies you already may be utilizing. It will not interfere with any medications or treatments.
What you can expect after a treatment: Spiritual opening, karmic pattern clearing, chakra balancing and alignment, emotional/mental/etheric/Causal body balancing, past/present life trauma release, subtle energy pathway opening. These will manifest in the physical body as greater ease and joy and alleviation of physical symptoms.


One hour energy healing session $155

One hour energy healing session with flower essence $166 (add $5 for shipping in US)

One hour energy healing session with your Akashic Records open for more guidance $177 with essence $188

One hour energy healing session for two. Great for couples  $188 with essences for both $199 This session can only be done in person.

One hour energy healing session for two with Akashic Records open for both $199 with essences for both $211 This session can only be done in person.

 Contact me at or 828-712-4723 to schedule a session. Distance sessions can by paid by paypal. A 3% paypal service fee is added.

If you choose a distance session, you will call me before the session to discuss your concerns and focus, then  I will call you again after the session to offer you insight and tools to support your evolution and health. We will find a time where you can lay down and relax while I perform the session. Although it is not absolutely necessary for you to lay down during it, I feel it assists in the healing.


Here is a link to a radio show I did August 2015 on Energy Healing and Medical Intuitive Readings.



With humility and gratitude, I express my thanks to Rachel Frezza for her gifts to me of healing, balance, holistic insight and support.  No matter where I am in the world, I can email Rachel and trust her connection to my Higher Self for recommendations for my balance, purpose and highest good. In October 2010, I had some vacation time:  autumn hikes in Asheville, of course! And … and a really big “and”…I passioned to restore an out-of-whack balance, reconnect to an enhanced sense of purpose and release myself from an addiction to an outworn and, frankly, ridiculous propensity for self-victimizadtion.   Oh, and ongoing relationship issues. of course!  (If any of this sounds familiar to you, dear reader … keep reading!)  I connected to Roots and Rocks through a Google search for healers in Asheville and began a charming e mail correspondence with Rachel.  One autumn day, I stepped into Rachel’s tranquil abode off a quiet Asheville street for my consultation.  And yes, I responded to her question, I would be pleased to take away custom preparation of flower essences with me.  Fully clothed and comfortably prone on a table in the sun room, Rachel’s perfect gift (as she confirmed in a later conversation) is this:  Rachel Listens.  She listens to her guides, her angels, my guides, my angels, my body, my “stuff”, my Highest Self.  She opens the door to blockages and says, “Go.”  And they … go.  My right shoulder contained five generations of male-dominated junk.  With only a light, gentle yet sure, firm touch, they were gone.  (Months later, I am pleased to write they were gone for good.  Literally!)  My solar plexus was locked up tighter than Fort Knox and my heart chakra lightly ached for two weeks at the relief of reconnection.   Rachel asked if I knew that two Master Guides (she named them) were with me and tears sprang to my eyes.  Nope, I had kinda forgotten I would always be loved and protected even when  I had forgotten to love myself.  And the identities of these Master Guides where in perfect alignment to a journey it was (and is) about time I am remembering to take. Rachel continues to support my journey with monthly preparations of Flower Essences which are perfect for me and my journey of the moment.  Each time I take the essences, I speak aloud the name of each ingredient, then say “Thank you for the presences of your essence in my being and thank you, Rachel Frezza for the gift of your presence in my life.”

 If you seek alignment and expert healing under the guidance and touch of a sure and gentle master, do contact Rachel Frezza and book a session without delay.”
Catherine C721853529
 I did a session with you a little over a year ago, and I just wanted to tell you how powerful it was for me.  It was energy healing with akashic records open. As soon as I drove away from the session, I remember physically, viscerally feeling so much peace and ease in my body and regarding all the issues which had been troubling me — a lightening and an openness of heart. … you gave me courage to face healing challenges that were coming up for me, without which I don’t think I would have grown so much and come through so strong. What amazes me is that unlike with other sessions I have received — of all kinds — the things you told me, taught me, and healed in me have stayed with me ever since, as if it was only yesterday that I saw you.  When I am troubled or lost, I immediately access these things.  Your prediction that I would find renewed strength and purpose through the dark period I was going through has come true.  One of the things you mentioned was about a past life in which I loved drawing but was not allowed to, and how in this life it might be good for me to start drawing again.  When you said it, I thought it was interesting because I loved drawing when I was a kid, and was good at it, but I then forgot about it because I had no interest as an adult– or at least I thought I didn’t.  But when I started doing it, I found that I loved it, that I was still good at it, and that it awakened something so innocent in me, something that brings tears to my eyes even now as I write about it.  I feel as if you started a spark in me that I didn’t even know about back then. Thank you for everything.
Mindi Friedwald